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Wow ! Akabare

Red Savina pepper

Chhuteka kura –

Akbare Khurshani(Red Savina pepper) is a spice crop famous for its pungent taste. As it is with round-shaped ‘Dalle Khorshani’ has become its nickname. Chill’s are measured with its capsaicin, Akbare is the spiciest hot and tasty among them. Akbare Khursani is one of the well-known Nepali products in the world market also. In Nepal, for decades “Akabare” has been ranked as one of the 5 “A” of the Ilam district. Currently, it is cultivated commercially in different parts of the country. Akabare not only makes the food tasty and hot but also tastes different flavors.

The health benefits of regular consumption of Akabari Khursani

To digest food.

To prevent allergies.

To prevent from cold flu.

To prevent our diabetes issue.

To reduce our pain in the joints.

To prevent our heart problems.

To solve the problem of migraine.

To increase red blood cells in the body.

For diagnosing gastric and ulcer diseases.

To reduce the amount of sugar in the blood.

To reduce fatigue, heal the body and get rid of laziness.

Regular consumption can prevent cancer to some extent.

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