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TikTok video of former royal family goes viral

Himani with her daughters goes viral


TikTok popularity and its influence also touched the Nepal’s former royal family too. Some videos of the ex-crown princess Himani Shah with her two daughters Purnika and Kritika dancing together have gone viral.

In these three videos, they are dancing together on two Nepali popular song ‘Guras Ko Phed Muni’, ‘Yo Man Ta Mero Nepali Ho’ and a English song. It has drawn the attention of national and international medias and people.

It is the first appearance of Himani in TikTok when daughter Purnika recently created her TikTok account, as the information given.

There are many likes, comment and share even in the few days. Former crown prince Parash Shah has also shared those videos with different captions like, “My family”.

Former princess Himani is currently stucked in Thailand due to the lockdown enforced by the government of Thailand to control the coronavirus. She went there to visit her daughters, who are pursuing their higher studies.

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