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Our goal- “No animal starves to death”

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Kanchan Waiba

5th January, 2022

Last Friday, I was on the way to my college; a black cute street dog was wagging its tail at me. Usually, I didn’t use to care much for street dogs. However, the situation was different on that day.

Although the dog couldn’t speak a single word, I could clearly understand the agony from its shivering body. Same as humans, I saw deep pain in the eyes of a street dog. The dog looked very hungry and wanted some food to eat. I went nearby grocery shop to buy some biscuits.
When I returned I found dozens of dogs waiting for food. For me, it was the toughest situation ever. I had no penny left to buy something for those dogs. I was alone. And, how could I feed those dozens of street dogs?
There were no places that dogs could adapt themselves. Those areas were full of restaurants and grocery shops. We see street dogs surviving on the leftovers from the restaurant and shop. There are half a dozen dogs and a single person can’t afford to feed them all, they are really in need of food.
These things pumped me up and I concluded doing a campaign in favor of street dogs. On the very day, We volunteer of UNBB club started a plan to feed the street dogs or stray animals like dogs and cats, who are facing difficulty in finding food, shelter, and place due to negligence of people as well as weather and cold season.
Kindness is free so sparking a wave of change-maker to those whose voice goes unheard especially, the kind, humble and royal soul-like, dogs and cats. This project is going to be held on 10th January of 2022 (Monday). Reportedly, there are over 35,000 stray dogs in the Kathmandu valley and our target is to feed a maximum of 500 dogs from different places like Chabahil, Balaju, Bouddha, Budhanilkhanda, etc.

We believe in change. Therefore, we started this campaign.

According to our plan, the organization is planning to feed milk products and warm clothes. Those who want to adopt a kind soul can help us.
Street dogs attack people when they face starvation. Due to low temperature and starvation, they become sick and are caused by different diseases, like common cold and pneumonia, etc. And this leads to them being even more aggressive. Despite having a lot of problems, our main goal at the time is to feed a maximum number of animals. So that, no animal starves to death.
” One step at a time.” We humbly request you for help for fundraising as well as volunteers that could help a maximum number of animals with maximum mobility. With joined efforts, everything is possible. Thus, join me on the journey to maintain sustainability and to create a positive impact.
I believe,” One person can change the country, and one thought can change the whole world.”

“Join our Charity program by UNBB to feed street dogs.”

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