०२ साउन २०८१ , बुधबार

Mankind is in Uncertain Peak

Mankind is in Uncertain Peak

Ganesh Onem


The years were in normal situations

Covid-19 is brought us in research lab

So-called leaders were dulled, wild before covid coming

Now, they’re become active in illegal like a hunter soldier.


People dying, and losing their livelihoods

Rich becoming more rich by now

Government’s unwilling to tackle strategy and its people

Nothing is in store !

People have no smiles and charming at face.


Disappearing science’s magic

Hence, unseen gaining its faith

People start praying unseen rather than looking medicine

Ugly people are at tsunami position

Kindhearted are being in depression

House has become like a narrow tent

Sinners getting strong’s hand, innocents are dying in vain.


Intellectuals became unsuccessful

Whereas blind mind became intellectuals

Society’s directions split like a brick piece, no are there to unite

Thinking are divided, thoughts are being worked weirdly

Imagination is getting fog, eyes are seeing no any thunderstorm.




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