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Essence of Newspaper

Nishant Prapati

Nishant Prajapati 

Newspapers have great importance in our life. It is difficult to imagine modern life without them. These are the most popular and cheap means of getting the news. Millions of people read them every day in the country. They are published in many languages and from many cities. People’s day starts with their reading.
 If someday, for some reason, the newspapers are not available to read, then it looks quite disappointing. A good newspaper consists of many things. It gives the latest and latest news. Which are about the country and abroad. There are advertisements in this for the vacant places. Very interesting and informative articles, stories, cartoons, publications, etc. are also in it. It also contains a lot of material and information on subjects like business, culture, society, sports. The details of the policies and programs of the government are also detailed in them. Along with this, the reaction and opinion of the public are there. Marriage-related information, advertisements are also their other attractions.
Newspapers keep us connected with the whole country, society, and the world in just 5 rupees. Different people read newspapers for different reasons. This increases the general knowledge of the students, the businessmen get the necessary information about their business, then also the leaders get to know about the political movements. Some people read it for sports news, others for movies and entertainment stuff. There is something for everyone in the newspapers. There’s also contains very useful material for women. A newspaper proves to be our great companion even during free time. Due to these thousands of people have got jobs. If newspapers are not there then everyone will be helpless and unemployed.
In a democracy, the importance of newspapers increases even more. These are very good means of knowing public opinion. They also play a big role in forming public opinion. Contains comments, articles, and opinions on various political, social, economic, national, and international topics. Many people get employment through a newspaper. The newspaper also contains the views of experts on books, films, cultural programs, and art objects. In this way, newspapers are useful for us in many ways. Despite the increasing popularity of television, newspaper needs and utility will always remain there in our life. Newspapers can also be misused. If they are in the hands of selfish, narrow, and petty people, they can spread hatred, rumors, caste animosity, violence, tension, etc. They can mislead public opinion. They can fill the poison of negativity in the public mind. Newspapers are a very powerful medium.
 Newspapers can also be used to harm. If the goal of the owners of newspapers is only to earn money, then they can create a big problem for us. By publishing sensational news, by giving obscene material, or by spreading rumors, they can bring chaos to society. A good newspaper is a blessing, a bad one is a curse and poison. A bad newspaper can promote immorality, spread violence, or even communal hatred. They have also been seen to be misused to throw mud at others or to insult someone’s character. These are very powerful means of propaganda. Promotion in a newspaper may be good and it may also be very bad.
 Despite all these shortcomings, they are necessary. The time spent reading them is not wasted. With the knowledge that one gets from the newspaper, the vision is expanded and the love of patriotism increases, which is not possible in any other way. The need is that the newspapers should be fair and honest.

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