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Dr.Subash lohani’s book ‘Somhom’ is realesed after his death.

Somhom-love spiritual and rebellion .
Subash Lohani

Dr.Subash Lohani had written the book named ‘Somhombefore his death and was in the process of publication. Now,The book is ready at the stage of publication. The publisher of Somhom is Dhanraj Lohani. The book is based on love, spirituality, and rebellion. The book will be publicly launched soon.

Dr. Subash Lohani was just 39 years old when he passed away.

He was a true gem and talented Nepali neuro surgeon. Although he left us ,we have his creation still alive with us.

He was a famous neurosurgeon from Nepal. He strived to continue the legacy left behind by his guru Upendra Prasad Devkota at the Neuro Hospital, Bansbari, Kathmandu.

He was born in a remote village of Tanahun district. As a child He travelled across the country with his father before the settlement of his family in Kathmandu .

He pursued his interest in biology as a student until he became a doctor. His  neurosurgical aspiration began early on during  his  medical school days which took him to Dr. Devkota afterwards. He learned the basics of neurosurgery from him .His neurosurgical aspiration flew him to Harvard and AIIMS, but like the hero of the Alchemist, He realized his neurosurgical dream in the Magnolia garden of his guru.

He used to believe in a neural nature of supracortical consciousness and expect a neural revolution for the liberation of human consciousness.


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