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Cultural exchange program between the youths of Nepal and Indonesia



Africa-Asia Youth Foundation (AAYFO-Nepal Chapter) has been actively doing many praiseworthy activities to engage the youths during the lockdown.

The organization has been established to promote the cooperation between the youths of Asia and Africa. It also endorses youths from Asia and Africa to achieve the sustainable goals through collaborations and ideas sharing. Africa-Asia Youth Foundation has been conducting multiple creative campaigns and events even during the lockdown of the world due to Covid-19.

AAYFO-Nepal Chapter and AAYFO-Indonesia Chapter recently organized a cultural exchange program between the youths of the two countries through the internet, zoom application. It was held on 10th  may 2020 and 17th may  2020, for two days.

The cultural exchange program hosted 5 youths from each country (Nepal and Indonesia) where they tried to share about the culture of their countries through their presentations. The presentations were structured within six topics: Culture as Language, Religions, Festivals, Food Culture, Youth’s  Lifestyle and Norms and Values. The guest and keynote speaker of the program, Ass. Prof. Rishiram Ghimire appreciated the initiative of the organization which intended to bring the youths of the two very different countries together. He stated that these kinds of initiations reduce the cultural gaps, expand knowledge and promote cooperation. He also urged the participants to respect all the cultures equally.

Miss Saleena Rimal, Miss Roshni Pandey, Miss Seleska Sharma, Mr Rajkumar Koirala and Mr Kiran Tiwari were the presenters from Nepal whereas Miss Mardinawati, Miss Renita Febryana, Miss Kezia, Mr Irfan and Mr Antony Sifuna Wanyama were the presenters from Indonesia.

Mr Sabeen Kharel and Mr Ferga Aristama, the Country Directors of Nepal and Indonesia respectively were very positive about not limiting the cultural exchange program within the internet only. Both the directors have agreed to develop a plan to exchange the youths and culture within the countries once the lockdown is over and thing get normal.

The event was hosted by Mr Kailash Kumar Karki, (Director-Culture and Inclusion). He claimed to have learnt many new things and is ready for any programs as such in the future.

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  1. It is indeed a very good way to bring the people of two different countries and cultures together through such innovative programs. In this age of globalization it’s a fruitful to learn about new culture and traditions.

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